Who should you get in touch with first if you have a medical need, such as sudden flu symptoms, chronic back pain, an unusual rash or fear that you might have COVID-19?

In many healthcare situations, the appropriate course of action may be to consult with a 219 Health Network family medicine specialist in East Chicago or Highland.

If you have a medical emergency, visit the emergency room. For ailments that do not require urgent or emergency care, here are a few benefits of visiting a family medicine specialist in East Chicago or Highland: 

They follow your life cycle.

Family medicine specialists provide healthcare to adolescents, teens and adults – often treating the same patients over many years or decades. Because they are trained to handle a wide range of illnesses and disorders, a family medicine provider is qualified to serve as your primary care physician at any point in your life. Building a long-term relationship with your provider helps ensure he or she will get to know you, improving your quality of care.

They are familiar with your and your family’s history.

Doctors who care for patients over many years become familiar with their medical history, get a chronological account of their diagnoses and prescriptions, and can see how their health has changed over the years. A family medicine specialist often examines patients in families across generations, helping the specialist better determine if the patients may be at risk for certain illnesses or chronic conditions, or are responding to socio-economic conditions at home. An example would be a child showing signs of anxiety because of family conflict.

Looking for an Affordable Family Medicine Specialist?

Now that you have a better understanding of why it’s important to find an affordable, qualified family medicine specialist in East Chicago or Highland, look no further than 219 Health Network. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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