Mental health or emotional issues can affect all aspects of daily life. Sometimes we can become so overwhelmed that it's difficult to function in a healthy way.

If you are dealing with challenges such as depression, bipolar disorder, physical limitations or addiction, 219 Health Network has an experienced licensed behavioral health professional on staff who can help.

Our dentistry services provide for the professional care of teeth ranging from oral hygiene to dental surgery. No one should have to suffer through constant, excruciating pain that can come from an infected or decayed tooth. Please do not wait until your pain becomes too much to handle. We can help.

Our family medicine physicians specialize in preventative care for every member of the family from infants and children to adults and seniors.

Are you an adult, age 18 and older and need help managing your weight, blood pressure, diabetes or another chronic condition? Doctors of internal medicine focus on preventative medicine in adults and treat the whole person, not just the condition. They listen to patient histories, perform physical exams, make a diagnosis and often prescribe medications working with the individual to help them feel better and live a healthier life.

Our obstetricians/gynecologists offer quality medical and surgical services to women who are pregnant and need care while they are expecting through labor and delivery or have disorders of the reproductive system.

Our pediatric physicians specialize in preventative care for infants and children.