Reduced cost healthcare clinics are often overlooked in the United States, but they can be extremely beneficial to many individuals. For those who pay a very high deductible or for those without health insurance, low-cost medical clinics are a good option to meet healthcare needs while keeping expenses low.

Are you wondering if you can get  affordable healthcare in Northwest Indiana? Yes, you certainly can. Here is a quick guide from the medical professionals at 219 Health Network who discuss the main things you should know about the process:

Are there really affordable services for healthcare?

Clinics funded by the government may have reduced financial responsibility for those without insurance or with limited coverage. They also cater to the homeless, immigrants and less fortunate, helping them receive quality healthcare services.

Low-income individuals can obtain affordable healthcare in Northwest Indiana through the 219 Health Network. Our clinics accept insurance from those who have it, along with providing a sliding scale for those who can afford some of the cost. If you fall slightly above the low-income group, you might be asked to pay some fees to cover a portion of your care.

What conditions can be treated at affordable clinics?

Since not every clinic works the same way, services can differ by location. Affordable healthcare providers in at 219 Health Network can address both general and specific needs. You also may be eligible to receive primary as well as preventative treatments when seeing a physician at the facility. Mental health treatment options also are available for a number of conditions. 219 staff can help you find low-cost medications to help improve your health and well-being.

However, it is important to note that you should always visit the nearest emergency room when dealing with medical emergencies like difficulty breathing, chest pain, broken bones, or excessive bleeding, for example.

Quality Affordable Clinics in Northwest Indiana

Most well-known affordable healthcare clinics in Northwest Indiana exist specifically for uninsured or underinsured families and individuals. These types of facilities are located across the country, and they work to provide care to kids, adults and seniors. In fact, these clinics are willing and capable of assisting people from all backgrounds. The clinic will rarely turn anyone away due to the patient’s inability to pay bills. 

In addition, the U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesThe National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics and are great resources that can help you find affordable healthcare in your neighborhood. You also can ask your friends, family, neighbors or colleagues for recommendations. As mentioned above, one thing to remember is that not every clinic will offer the same level of services. You will have to narrow your options based on your unique needs and the types of services provided at your chosen clinic.

219 Health Network Can Help

At 219 Health Network, we see patients every day from varying backgrounds with varying needs. We empower our patients to receive the medical attention they deserve. Contact us today at 219-398-9265 or email us at to discuss your health concerns and learn how we can assist you.