With the support and generosity of community partners, people can now take advantage of free transportation for COVID-19 testing and vaccinations in Northwest Indiana. This is a huge benefit for people who otherwise may not be able to get to their local healthcare center to receive the vaccine.

Who Can Benefit?

Choosing to be vaccinated remains a personal choice. If you wish to get vaccinated, several companies are taking steps to eliminate the transportation-related barriers for those who cannot drive or do not have access to public transportation. In these cases, having access to free transportation services makes a huge difference.

Providing free or discounted rides to regional vaccination sites allows everyone to get to their nearest healthcare center.

How to Book Your Ride

Millions of people in the United States have reported that they want to get the vaccine, but do not have access to transportation. Free transportation service providers are now helping individuals get to their local health clinics to receive testing, vaccinations and other COVID-19 related services. 219 Health Network offers free transportation to help you prioritize your most significant asset: your health. Measures are being taken to ensure everyone’s health and safety when traveling for the appointment. Masks are required for passengers and the driver.

If you do not have the Uber Health app on your smartphone, the first step is to download it and create an account. The ride coordinator at 219 Health Network will schedule your rides for you through Uber Health. The driver will text you to let you know they are on their way, they are at there to pick you up and when they will return to the location to pick you up.

Quick Tips

219 Health Network professionals recommend keeping your face covered with a mask, as well as driving with the windows down (if the weather permits). It also is recommended to carry hand sanitizer and maintain social distancing. Share your ride details with a loved one so they can keep track of your trip.

Do You Need Free Transportation for COVID-19 Testing/Vaccinations in Northwest Indiana?

If you need a free transportation service for COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, contact 219 Health Network to arrange for free transportation to one of their convenient locations. For questions about COVID-19, you can reach us at 219.703.2000. 219 Health Network experts can answer your questions 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Contact us today to learn how we can help.