The idea of visiting an endocrinologist (also known as an “endo” visit) might seem a bit intimidating at first. To help put your mind at ease, an endocrinologist in Northwest Indiana has put together a short guide that will give you a general idea of what you can expect during your visit.

Before we explain what you should expect on your first endo visit, we need to talk about some of the reasons why you would seek endocrinology services in Northwest Indiana.

When Should You See an Endocrinologist?

Endocrine disorders can show up throughout the body in several ways. Many endocrine disorders cause extreme fatigue and exhaustion. Unexplained weight changes, blood sugar swings, rapid mood swings and cholesterol imbalance also are symptoms of endocrine disorders. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, the first thing you should do is schedule an appointment with a reputable endocrinologist in Northwest Indiana. Your primary care physician may also refer you to an endocrinologist if you have been diagnosed with a hormone disorder such as diabetes or thyroid disease.

What Should You Expect During Your Visit?

Your initial visit with an endocrinologist in Northwest Indiana will be somewhat like a regular doctor visit. You will start by filling out some paperwork and gathering information. The endocrinologist will collect and review a complete medical, social, family and surgical history. Your family history, allergies, vaccines and immunizations, eating and workout habits, lifestyle habits and any surgeries you have had in the past are all important details that your endocrinologist needs to know.

Your Northwest Indiana endocrinologist will also perform a detailed physical examination. The exam may include vital signs (body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, blood pressure) and height and weight measurement. Depending on your situation, it may also include an eye exam and vision testing, a complete ENT exam, auscultation, and gastrointestinal (GI), neurological, cardiac, pulmonary and skin exams. The endocrinologist will also examine the lymph nodes on your neck to see if they are swollen.

You may also have your blood tested on your first endo visit. Blood glucose test, complete blood count (CBC), comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP), hormone imbalance and hormone level testing, vitamin D test, estrogen levels test, and prolactin (PRL) test are some of the tests that may be performed on your visit. Your endocrinologist might also want to perform a urinalysis as well. These tests are standard, so there is no need to be alarmed if blood or urine samples are collected at your endo visit.

Your Northwest Indiana endocrinologist also will require an up-to-date list of prescription medications. Supplements, over-the-counter drugs and vitamins should all be included in this list. Bring your current list of prescription drugs, as well as the dose and last time you took each one, to your visit.

Any medical journals or logs you have maintained such as a weight log, diet log, blood glucose level log or blood pressure log may also be helpful to bring.

Looking for an Affordable Endocrinologist in Northwest Indiana?

Are you battling diabetes, thyroid disease, infertility, obesity, osteoporosis or any other endocrine disorder? If so, and you are looking for an affordable endocrinologist in Northwest Indiana, look no further than the experts at 219 Health Network. We have licensed endocrinologists on staff who specialize in treating complicated chronic conditions. Our network of providers includes

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Please call us at 833-219-0001 to schedule an appointment. You also may contact us by heading to our contact page and filling out a form.

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