The diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in adults (18 years and older) is the primary focus of internal medicine. Many people have heard the terms “internal medicine specialist” and “internist,” but few people understand what they truly mean. The short answer is that they are identical, and the titles are essentially interchangeable. Below, this internal medicine specialist with offices in Munster and East Chicago, is going to explain everything you will need to know about the two medical professions.

A quick overview of internal medicine

First and foremost, it is a good idea to get a firm grasp on what internal medicine is and how it helps in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. The following information will tell you all you need to know about what an internal medicine specialist does, and how an experienced internist can help you.

What exactly is internal medicine?

Internal medicine, is focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of adult diseases. It is a rather broad term; there are several subspecialties within the larger specialty of general internal medicine.

Who is an internist?

A general internal medicine specialist and an internist are essentially the same medical professionals. Also, the titles are, to a considerable extent, interchangeable.

An internist is a medical specialist who diagnoses and treats patients who have (or are at risk of) a certain disease. They also help patients develop a healthy lifestyle that lowers the risk of chronic disease such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. A general internal medicine specialist treats all types of chronic diseases. However, most internists specialize in a specific part of the body. A cardiologist, for example, is an internist who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions in the heart and blood vessels.

When should you see an internist?

Any adult is welcome to make an appointment with an internist in Munster or East Chicago, and no referral is necessary. In fact, seeing an internal medicine specialist is encouraged to help with disease prevention. It also is a good idea to see an internist near you if you are experiencing any signs of a chronic condition.

It is worth noting that internal medicine is a broad specialty. Therefore, the type of specialist you see will depend on your specific symptoms. If you have heart issues, for example, you should see a cardiologist.

What are the benefits of internal medicine?

An Internal medicine is concerned with all aspects of a disease. When you visit an internist in Munster or East Chicago, you can be confident that you will receive the medical treatment you need. Furthermore, internists spend many years studying diseases and related issues in a single part of the body. They are more qualified than your primary care physician in terms of disease treatment and prevention.

Internal Medicine providers collaborate to provide the best possible medical care for their patients. They may refer you to an internal medicine specialist with a different specialty if necessary.

Looking for a top-rated internal medicine specialist in Munster or East Chicago?

If you have symptoms of a chronic condition that are causing concerns in your life, and if you are looking for a top-rated internal medicine specialist in Munster or East Chicago, 219 Health Network has licensed internal medicine specialists on staff who can help. Our network of providers includes Alfonso Blum, MD, and Eleazar Calero, MD. Do not hesitate to contact us at 219-398-9265 with any questions or concerns. You may also visit our contact page.

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